Monday, August 16, 2010


Kenapa awk??Kita lma dh kn xmsj...Sy merindui awk..Awk tau xsy terseksa sbb xdpt

khabar dri awk...Xdpt msj dri awk...Pendek kata smua laa...Kjp td sy tepon awk,but ur
Handphone was OFF ! ! Y????Did i do something wrong..???Did make a mistake...Plzz dont
do this to me...I really2 love you ! really2 miss u ! really2 Need u !

If you hate me or dont love me anymore,plzz tell me..If you dont love anymore,its oky..But Your have to tell me your decision,n i will accpted your decision...Although i will suffer,but its oky if ur happy .....

Dont know what to say anymore,this is jst words expressed from my heart...
Sorry ayt bi aku tunggang terbalik !Merapu kuar dri hati aku !

Can i sleep with a sad heart ??!! dont know !